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Why We Love Orangetheory and Other Fitness Trends

When it comes to making the decision to bettering your life and improving your health and fitness we are supportive to anyone who is willing to give it their best effort.  Sometimes that means reaching out to us, seeking our professional guidance, and immersing yourself in to our community.  Sometimes that means going down a different path than ours.  that is fine, and even encouraged by us!  No matter which direction you take, we will help to support you along your journey.

Often times we consult with people who are curious about our services, and these folks have never really had any structured health and fitness guidance.  We are happy to help guide these new clients through our processes and help to give them the tools they need to help make significant changes to their lifestyle.

Sometimes we get inquiries from people with a training background from Orangetheory Fitness, Bootcamps, and other High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) style training systems.

We may be unique in the sense that we as a business have an open and growth mindset. Our local surrounding area of opportunity is far too big to fight over the same type of prospective clients. We apply the same thinking to franchises like Orangetheory Fitness and other HIIT programs which we see growing in popularity across North America. These gyms and systems are great feeder programs into our training practice, and here are some of reasons why we love them:

They are introducing a lot people to the notion of high-intensity interval training. Their marketing efforts are effective at getting more people off of the couch and through the doors because they have made HIIT sexy, trendy, and less-threatening. The “jump” to CrossFit looks a lot more manageable after an athlete has some exposure to these seemingly similar offerings.

These gyms have introduced a higher price point to the fitness market at about $30/class. CrossFit used to boast the most expensive price tag in the group fitness industry, but now, millions of people are realizing the benefits and seeing the value in paying $150-$300/month to pursue their fitness goals. While we believe that helping our clients live a great life OUTSIDE OF THE GYM is our number one priority, once people start making an investment in their fitness, the rest of their priorities tend to fall in place.  Change is tough, and often slow, but getting started is the first step.

There is a built-in limitation and ceiling to the level of fitness one can achieve utilizing one of these systems. Our clients often tell us of the plateau in the results they saw with their previous training. They report that they have reached a plateau with their results or experience monotony and boredom. We often hear how well P90x and Insanity work the first time, but on the second or third time through the tapes, people are less inclined to push themselves as hard because they know what’s coming. The mental stimulation and novelty have worn off, leaving them looking for the next fitness movement to try.

Some key things that set us apart:

We Get You Started Properly

We have learned in all of our years of coaching that the biggest hurdle for most people to getting started is just walking through our doors on their very first day. The fear and apprehension of the unknown can be crippling. 

Our 5 step process has proven to set our clients up for long-term success.  

Step 1: E-mail 

Step 2: Phone Conversation

Step 3: Complimentary Consultation

Step 4: Assessment and Plan of Action

Step 5: Fundamentals to Get Fit For Life!

We never enter in to a relationship that is not going to be mutually beneficial for the long-term.

We Have A Long-Term Plan To Help You Live A Great Life

We believe being fit is important because it means you’ll live a happier, healthier life, both inside, and more importantly, outside of the gym.

This is why we have a detailed Prescription For A Great Life —designed so our clients and coaches can be their best selves.

So they can put their health and fitness to use in life. So they can live great lives.

All of our clients follow this basic approach to day living life to their fullest, and they are all ecstatic about the results!

We Have A Progression Based Approach

A progression based approach to training introduces movement patterns at the most basic level first. Once mastery of the basics has been demonstrated, more difficult variations may be introduced.

A scaling based approach introduces the movement patterns at the most complex level first and scales back the difficulty of the movement until the athlete finds an option he can perform adequately. This approach leads to slow progress and frustration.

At TREBEL, we prefer a progression based approach. Mastery of the basics lays a foundation of proper technique, strength, and mobility. It identifies the roadmap towards high-level movement.

We find that our clients who have been guided through a progression based approach to training encounter greater success, are less likely to be injured, and are set up for long-term success.

There is no need to look at Orangetheory,  Boot Camps, HIIT Gyms or even P90X as competition at all.

Instead, they’re excellent starting points for all of those couch-bound potential clients within our local community.

You can only go run on a treadmill so many times, do the same routine so many times, and do so many squat thrusts before you begin to ask yourself if this is the rest of your fitness life.

We are the next logical step. 

Group Class Programming for Wednesday, July 12, 2017:

1. Skill-Based Warm-up: The Muscle-up

2. A little FUN!

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