Weekend CHEAT MEALS, week day dieting? Which 1 to do…

Today, we’re addressing the concept of “weekday dieting” and “weekend cheat meals”.

At TREBEL we’re not just about maintaining healthy lifestyle during the week; we’re about creating a sustainable, balanced lifestyle every day.

As you navigate your wellness journey, it’s essential to consider both weekdays and weekends as integral parts of the holistic experience.

Let’s dig deeper into the concept of “weekday dieting” and “weekend cheat meals” with a powerful analogy – “Don’t Burn Down the House This Weekend.”

The House on Fire:

Picture a dedicated carpenter working diligently Monday through Friday, building a strong, resilient house – a representation of your health and well-being. However, as Friday evening approaches, there’s a temptation to light the house on fire, indulging in uncontrolled eating or unhealthy choices over the weekend.

This act, akin to burning down the house, can be a setback for the progress you’ve made during the week. While the foundation might remain, the frame is charred, requiring additional effort to rebuild. The aftermath of the weekend indulgence necessitates a Monday morning cleanup, erasing the strides you made during the week.

Deeper Examples:

Let’s delve into specific scenarios to illustrate this concept beyond cheat meals and weekday dieting. You’ve diligently followed a balanced diet and engaged in regular exercise throughout the week, focusing on building a strong foundation for your wellness house. However, the weekend arrives, and instead of incorporating mindful choices, you opt for excessive indulgence (cheat meals) – be it in calorie-dense meals, sugary treats, or sedentary activities.

Consider the impact on your body and mindset. The nutritional foundation you meticulously built becomes compromised, and the frame of discipline is charred by overindulgence. Now, as you return to the weekday routine, you’re faced with not only rebuilding the structure but also dealing with the aftermath of sluggishness, guilt, and potential setbacks in your wellness journey.

Being Smart:

At TREBEL, we advocate for a smarter approach to your wellness house. Instead of burning it down every weekend, consider mindful choices that align with your long-term health goals. Picture the upgrades and improvements you want for your house – perhaps increased energy, enhanced mood, or a stronger physique. Build in habits by starting habit stacking.

By making conscious decisions over the weekend instead of just cheat meals, you contribute to building a house that stands tall and resilient. This approach fosters sustainable progress, allowing you to enjoy the journey without the need for extensive rebuilding each week. Also, ENJOY the things you want to enjoy instead of having a “cheat meal”.


Let’s build a house that thrives, not one that needs constant reconstruction. At TREBEL Wellness, we empower you to make choices that support a balanced, sustainable lifestyle, ensuring that your wellness journey is a continuous, harmonious experience. Remember, every choice matters, not just during the week, but throughout the weekends as well. Build wisely, and your house will stand strong for years to come.