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Whether your goal is overall wellness, fitness for life, recovery from injury, or high intensity performance, at TREBEL Wellness  you will find the expertise, support, and facilities to make your goal a reality.

How to join Treehouse Athletics

How To Join

Our memberships combine one-on-one coaching with group classes. We accommodate the busiest of schedules. It is TIME to connect with a coach to guide you and a community to lean on.

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Who Treehouse Athletics Is

Who We Are

We support all aspects of who you are - including fitness, nutrition, and embracing life. Our coaches are equipped with decades of experience.

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Treehouse Athletics Community

Prescription For A Great Life!

Learn more about what separates us from other fitness programs and how you can use it to pursue a GREAT life! Our approach is equally suited for young professionals, performance athletes and retirees.

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Our Location

Success Stories

I have to thank you and each of the coaches for all the help the past year.

You all really go above and beyond for each client and
I can't thank you enough for the care you put in to
guiding each member on their fitness journey.

I have received one of the greatest gifts this year in feeling
confident and capable- capable to try new challenges,
capable to lift anything, capable of being strong on my own.

When I remember how mentally and emotionally down and
completely unfit I was on the first day, it is amazing!

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